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Ways to help Planting Love

Thank you for helping to plant love and harvest hope in the
lives of children with disabilities.
1. Make a special donation (all donations are tax deductible)
Single gift of: Won Dollar Euro
Monthly gift of:
2. To remember
In honor of:
In memory of:
3. Be a special benefactor for the Planting Love Charity Dinner Concert
Donation of:
(see sponsorship categories)
Tikets: ea
Purchase tickets for the event (One ticket 120,000 Won-table of 10 \1,200,000 Won)
4. Donate goods:
Name on bank transfer
Bank deposit
Shinhan Bank: 140-008-847704 Planting Love
Woori Bank: 1005-201-651702 Planting Love
Korea Exchange Bank: 630-007126-482 Planting Love

Please copy and send by email (plantinglove@yahoo.co.kr)
or fax (02) 763-3633 or call us regarding your gift
Tel. 02- 763-2620, 2602